25 August 2007

She's an angel straight from heaven!

Like many new parents, during our pregnancy and for the first two years of our child's life we have often quoted Raising Arizona. From "show the tattoo" to "I think I got the best one" to "he's a little outlaw, he is" the movie has provided us commentary when we were too tired to be witty on our own. And sometimes I get a photo that makes me think of the film, and I must share.

In other news, one of my oldest non-relative friends just had a baby girl. Her sister's daughter was born a few months ago, and to have these two women, whom I've known all my life, have babies my daughter's age is really profound. Their brother has twin boys, who are even closer to V's age, and this, too, gives me goosebumps. I don't know why: it means a lot to me that my sister and I had children in the same month, but that seemed natural, as we've always done things at a similar pace. But Joel, Jennifer and Emily, our big city friends, becoming parents along with us? Suddenly I'm ten years old again, standing neck-deep in South Twin Lake, talking with the girls about why it's just as bad to say "damn" as "Goddamn." Our children, if they come to know and love each other (and I so hope they do) will be the third generation of our families to be friends, despite the fact that most of the time we have lived over 200 miles apart. It's all very...cosmic, I guess. Serendipitous and cosmic, and I am ever so excited to meet Zoe and August, and hang out more with Noah and Oliver, and provide V with her own big-city friends.

In baby-turns-toddler news, V's recent vocabulary expansions:
oh, no!
digeradoo (kinda)

A fabulous mix. What else does one need to know, really, but tuba, pizza, and digeradoo?

And more than anything, the child loves to play the drums.


Minke said...

Jennifer- Kathy sent me this link a while back, and I've been meaning to comment. While of course I don't share all the history, I always enjoy hearing about it, and also hope our kids will grow up knowing each other. You're always welcome here when you come by, and the boys already know who your mom is (she's Auntie My-wa). Someday, we'll make the trip up there too, and visit great-grandma Eloise's grave site on the way. We may have to wait until we can quite hauling two pack-n-plays, though. Overnight traveling is interesting at the moment... I assume you know we can be found here? http://sundsethetcetera.blogspot.com/

Anonymous said...

Jennifer....I so enjoyed reading your latest post....(this is the grandmother of those two new exceptional grandchildren born to those exceptional young ladies, and the two equally exceptional twin boys Noah and Oliver, but then I am the Grandmother making that evaluation)....But what I wonder is where were the mothers of those girls discussing the two words noted while they were in the water by themselves years ago...probably in a hot game of cards like they are now some 20 years later. Great blog, love reading it. Kathy S.