06 September 2012

Mushroom Party, 2012 edition

We've done this before, gentle readers. Many times. Many, many times. But I never get tired of them! It's the annual mushroom post, and it is happy to see you! (The captions are under each photo).
 Moist mushrooms. (I know you feel dirty for reading that, because I feel dirty for typing it).
Wee, dainty-stemmed mushroom that's almost glowing. Extra-terrestrial, if you will.
 Mushrooms breaking sod. Think about how strong these are, for plants fungus. They're under, what, 1/2 inch of soil? And they just come bursting in, all "Hey! What's goin' on up here??"
 The tiniest mushroom, for the tiniest smurf.
Some dried up, Yoda-esque mushrooms. Fungi I am. Seriously, that tall one on the left is looking at me.
Pancake/step mushrooms. I have no technical knowledge of mushrooms, you see, so I make up my own names for them. These I like for their spongy appearance and the cobwebs that cover them. And how they just go on and on.
Like the Yoda mushroom, this one scares me a little. It makes me think of that Stephen King movie, Dreamcatcher, with the ominous empty eggs. What black death has this mushroom released into our world? Who sent it to us? And why am I getting so close to it with my camera?

Here's hoping our annual mushroom party brings you sweet dreams of decay and persistence, evil weasel-like creatures, and Star Wars. Because that's why we're here.


Anonymous said...

Mushrooms, Yoda, and Smurfs all in one post? You hit on a surprising number of my favorite topics. Nice work.

Fun fact: Mushrooms actually have more in common with animals than plants. Yes, indeed, it's true. They store sugar in the same form we do (unlike plants), they contain no cellulose or photosynthetic apparatuses (unlike plants), and they contain chitin (like some animals).
- Meagan

Jennifer said...

Thanks, Meg. When I typed the word "plants" I knew it wasn't quite right, so I've edited. I need to utilize my thesaurus in the mushroom/fungus/fungi department!