16 May 2011

Peony Tulips

I don't know when or where, or even why, but sometime in the last few years I ordered some peony tulips, and despite my utmost negligence, several of them have flourished. Every year I'm surprised to see them, and I like them so much.
These do last quite a bit longer than regular tulips, and open a little later. They'll be here almost until the actual peonies bloom.
I love this photo, above: so purely white.  (The tree in the background is a volunteer that I'm trying to decide if we should keep or not. It's only about seven feet from the house, but it's not under any wires. Unfortunately, it's in the middle of limited garden space. I just have a hard time cutting down things with such tenacity).
Meanwhile, back to the tulips: the bits of green on the outside petals are my favorite part!


Jess said...

Kay, I want some of those. They are cool. I'm not so fond of their namesake in my garden cause they don't ever go away but those tulips are groovy!

basketballwannabe said...

very nice!!!