09 May 2011

Mother's Day Loveliness

It rained. And rained.
But it wasn't terribly cold, and the kids were good, and the dogs weren't too crazy, and nobody got particularly pissed off. That's a good weekend at the lake, if you ask me.
When the sun did come out, the cousins were ready to soak it up.
After eight months away, it was good to come back to the lake, with so many people we love, and celebrate a brave, cancer-free mama/grandma/mama-in-law.

Beth and I found this very, very special carnation for her. And I think it really made her day complete.

Hope you're finding sunshine between the rainstorms this week. 

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basketballwannabe said...

Love your pictures. My grandfather had a cabin and I spent many vacation weekends there. Wonderful memories. V looks like she has grown taller! Thanks for blogging and thanks for your friendship!