26 May 2011

Our Little Zoo

I have an affinity for peacocks. You do what you will with that information: I just like them.
And the peacocks at our zoo are fairly tame, letting us take close ups before indignantly walking away, or glaring at us until we're shamed into leaving them be. 
 The photo above made me contemplate what peacock must taste like. Is that wrong?
 Two of the most interesting subjects at the zoo, above.
This is the meerkat sentinel. He was very, very observant. And a little twitchy.

The llama's dental issues concerned Shaun. I told him all llamas look like that, but I was totally bullshitting. I don't know anything about llamas.
The peahens hang out on the playground equipment. I'm sure they're irritated when excited 5 year olds want to go down the slide with them. I imagine that when the zoo closes, they  do carefully choreographed dances using the chain ladders.

Is it just zoos in North Dakota that have prairie dog exhibits? I hope not.
If not for their creepy eyes, I would totally want a baby goat to come and live with us. So cute! Of course they grow into bigger goats who can eat the laundry off the line, so it's probably for the best.

Our sunny days have been rare so far, but this was a good one.


Charlotte said...

bahahaha....you are so funny.

Anonymous said...

We have prairie dog exhibits in Minnesota, but then again, we're not that far from ND.

You should totally get a dwarf/pygmy goat. It won't grow into a big goat and it will keep your grass neatly mowed! Wouldn't that be handy? - Meagan

Emily, Scott, and August said...

Red shirts are overrated.