11 May 2011

New garden

We got a new, raised-bed garden today. V helped fill it with a variety of types of dirt, and talked excitedly about what we would plant. "I like squash!" I don't know who taught her that; it wasn't us, but we'll be planting squash. Obviously.
"It's like we're farmers" she said.
 While I moved on to photographing fancy tulips*, V kept working the soil. Myra's gonna be so proud.
 And if you've gotta work the soil, you might as well wear cute shoes**. Right?
Like we're farmers, indeed.

*Upcoming post: stay tuned.
**Born maryjanes, from two or three years ago.


Charlotte said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE those red shoes!! I just bought a pair of red with white polka dot wedges at Payless and they are soooo adorable. Can't wait to wear them. I love red shoes. Sorry. I just had to share that.

Anonymous said...

So fun! Enjoy your new garden!! ~Meagan