13 May 2011

Crafty Goodness

Because it’s less than 50 degrees outside, V and I celebrated our indoor craftiness mojo yesterday. I bought this “silk-screening” kit sometime in July last year, during the 75%off toys Target sale (“silk screening” is in quotes because it’s really a fancy stenciling set-up. And I'd provide you with the name of the thing but I'm too lazy to get up to check). I bought all the additions, too, and spent less than $30 total (with an original retail price of $120…).  They came with unholy amounts of pink fabric paint,  but enough others to make it worth our while.  Because I'm essentially, as I mentioned earlier, lazy, we didn’t get around to using it until now.
 As a busty woman with an excess of gravity around me, I often have tops with annoying little stains on them. I thought stencils might be a good way to camouflage an otherwise perfectly good shirt. V occasionally gets persistent stains, too, but more often than not, I find her several thrift store t-shirts in boring solid colors. To encourage her artistic side, I let her pick her stencils, and the colors. She picked a turtle in green, a butterfly (“let’s make it a monarch!”), and most enthusiastically,  a boom box. Or, as she called it, a boom-boom-boom box.
 We had to mix the orange from the available red and yellow (hello, learning!) but it turned out orange-r than it looks here, I promise. Note to self: more yellow, less red next time.
I tried to get her to make a pink turtle, to use up some of that pink, but she would have none of it.
 Sadly, the monarch is already a touch small. New nightgown for cousin Emmy!
But the turtle and the boom box are pretty fantastic. The paint has a decent hand to it, not too stiff, and though sometimes it didn’t work as well as I’d hoped(those projects are not pictured, to protect everyone involved), I think this was a good first run.

Shedid, after all, wear the boom box to school today.

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ilene said...

love it! Loved the shirt she wore to school btw! V is lucky to have a crafty mom like you to do all these fun, memorable projects with!I still tell the kids how my mom taught me how to do needlepoint.