03 March 2011


I feel a little like my last post was trying to pretend everything was fine, and normal goofy things were all I was thinking of. But you know that's not true, and so do I. At the same time, our current crisis is so acute and personal, it doesn't necessarily make for good blog reading. Please bear with me as I figure out posting in the next few weeks...

I can tell you that Shaun feels very much that he's in the right place. He has a team of people providing him with support in all kinds of areas, and has already made significant progress. I'm hesitant even to write that, because we've seen the one step forward, two steps back phenomenon many times, and "progress" is a hard thing to pinpoint when it comes to mental health.

The plan right now is he'll continue in the outpatient program for a total of 10-15 days, so 2-3 weeks. Hopefully he'll be able to work at least some of his shifts this weekend, too. As things return to normal around here, I hope to have more posts about pictures and 5 year olds. I hope that's okay with y'all.

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Mink*e said...

Of course it is. Thinking of you all,