03 March 2011

Camera bag!

With every new gadget comes a need for a new carrying case. At least in my house. So yesterday V and I braved our cold basement to make up a camera-sized carrying pouch.  I searched through online tutorials and landed on this simple pattern (which I hesitate to link to because their sewing is so much more precise than mine) On the left there is my cell phone case, made in December, to protect our LG Vortex. Cell phone cases are kinda silly, because once it rings you don't want to have to unbutton anything, but this is for general travel, when I have to toss the phone in my purse and am not expecting any calls. It's cute, slightly padded, and simple. Which leads to the camera case, on the right!

 Here's a shot of the back, with the stretch velvet elastic loop:
 And the front (that's my sewing machine. It sounds like a semi-truck, but it sewed through all 16 layers of this little pouch).
Intimate view of the inside of the pouch (burgundy velvet):

 And the sweetest button ever:
Not only do I love love love my new camera, but the new pouch makes me want to carry it everywhere I go. Maybe around my neck on a string? 


basketballwannabe said...

Love it!!

ilene said...

I really think the material & liner are cool enough, but I ADORE the button!