02 March 2011

My new camera

My mom and sister decided I was having a difficult spring (I can't imagine why) so they surprised me yesterday with a lovely little digital camera to call my own (mine is the brown version: I couldn't make the link come up properly in brown, though, so click around to see the right one. I trust you guys can figure it out). I had hoped to invest in a big fancy camera this spring, but it turns out we needed our tax return to live on, given recent events (and our poor budgeting skills). I was making do with older digital cameras, and enjoying the 35 mm, but, you know how digital photography is just different, and instant, and satisfying, and silly? I've missed that. And this camera is especially fun because it has 12 mega pixels to work with. 12! Who needs that many? Me, apparently.

Normally I feel some pressure with a new gee-gaw: what should my first photos be? I mean, it's important! Something artistic and meaningful and emotionally resonant. But not this time. I just wanted to take pictures of anything, because I could. No pomp or circumstance: just us.
 A shot from last night, to show how Shaun and I are an old married couple, basking in the glow of the television in our respective recliners.
And this morning, with my crazy girl, who loves to take these kinds of pictures.

Thanks, family! It's fun to have a shiny new toy to distract me. And a shiny good family helps too. Languishing will have many more photos to share in the near future, methinks.


Charlotte said...

That was really sweet of them! I can't wait to see all the art that is to come. You know I am a big fan of your photography =)

Anonymous said...

That camera is a great camera for you at this time. The big, fancy ones with lots of do-dads are fun, but take a lot more time (and energy) to carry around, focus, set-up, etc. A lot of great photographers depend on the smaller digital to get the spontaneous shots that are so desirable. The big one can come later, when times are better.

Let Jessica learn all about the fancy one and take some of pictures where the special do-dads are important. Please enjoy. I am thinking of you, sending your way the best vibes I can. skj