20 March 2011

Girl in a Cute Dress, part 2

 V needed a new spring jacket (she just grows and grows and grows!), so just like with her winter stuff, we went off to the thrift stores to see what we could find. Savers came through for us again.
First, this sweet vintage dress. It's a JCPenney's size 8, no iron, lightweight summer dress. It was hanging next to the knit dresses from Target and the Children's Place, which pill after 5-6 washes. This one looks brand new. Well, brand new 35 years ago. The ratty knit dresses were all $3.99 and up. This one was $1.99.
I am crazy about it! Those bows on the neckline just kill me. And V loves any dress in which she can pretend to be Alice in Wonderland.  It reminds me, in the colors only, really, of this dress from two years ago.
 Hopefully she'll be able to wear it for a few summers. Because I seriously love it.
 But wait, we weren't shopping for dresses, were we? Never fear. V was more than willing to try on jackets, which makes everything easier. This navy and pink number is her favorite. I like it because it has a hood, and it's a size 9-10, so by rolling the sleeves  just a little now, it should carry her through 2 springs. Maybe. It is from Target, several years ago, though it's not been worn much at all. It was $2.99.
Next, because we like camping, and I want her to be able to layer something over or under that windbreaker, and I'm a sucker for jean jackets, we got this one, too. It's American Girl brand, and we paid $3.99.
There you have it, ladies and gentlemen. Our most recent Savers trip was definitely a success: sweet vintage summer dress and two spring jackets for less than $10. I just love when I walk into a thrift store thinking, "hm, maybe we can find..."and then we do.

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