26 January 2011

List #13

How unlucky! It's list #13! I could write a witty post on luck, but that's too predictable.

These are the top things in which I feel knowledgeable/skillful enough to teach a class. At least, a basic class.

1. Sewing clothes for kids
2. Journal keeping
3. Catching plagiarists
4. Throwing a party
5. The Addams Family TV show
7. Doll making
8. Circus freaks
9. Poetry writing (but please don't ask me to teach reading poetry. It's among my least favorite things to teach)

I realize this is a bit close to a previous list, involving my hobbies. Back off. It's a new year.


Emily, Scott, and August said...

I do not remember those dolls, but I'm loving 'em. I think that may be a fun project...

Carla said...

My code word to post a commet is patty p. Please refer to me as such from here on.
Let's party soon. In a low sodium highly kick ass way.