14 January 2011

Nice house.

After the success of the crayons, I went all out and decided that since we were still technically on Christmas (holiday) break on Sunday, we could in good conscience decorate ourselves a gingerbread house. So we did.

 We cheated a little and bought a pre-made house that came with 6 packets of candy and pre-made frosting. Okay, now that I write that, it feels like we cheated a lot. Don't judge me. And please try not to compare our house with the house on the box there. We did the best we could.
Though I would've chosen more chocolate-based candies, and homemade frosting is more delicious, we still really had fun with this, and because it was all premade, there was minimal frustration and maximum satisfaction. PLUS, since we did this on January 9, I was able to purchase the kit at Target for 75% off, so it only cost us $2.48. (this is all part of my plan to convince my whole family to celebrate every holiday 3-5 days late, so as to maximize Target clearance opportunities). It was totally worth every dang penny, and afterwards, V said "Wow; we've been really crafty this weekend!"


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Megan said...

We made that same gingerbread house kit. And because we're both busy mamas, I don't see any reason why we should feel guilty about taking a little help in the form of premade house pieces and packaged candies.

Oh - and ours looked nothing like the box's picture, either. But I'm a bit pleased with that ;)