28 January 2011

List #14: Animals I would tend if I had the resources/wherewithall*

9. Octopus (octopi?) They are the coolest invertebrates.
8. Peacocks. Duh.
7. Turkey vultures. I don't know why. I just like them.
6. Tortoises. True story: my dad once brought home a rather large snapping turtle for my sister and I and the neighborhood kids to play with. For a little while. Then we let him go. What kind of a parent lets their kids play with a snapping turtle? That's right. Mine.
5. Sugar gliders: ohfercute. SERIOUSLY.
4. Penguins. I picked the Argentinian penguins because I just watched The Motorcycle Diaries not too long ago (it has nothing to do with penguins...). And March of the Penguins made me cry.
3. A murder of crows, oh, harbingers of death, oh feathered apes. What's not to love?
2. Koi. Did you know they can live OVER 200 YEARS? Jesus. Really, you shouldn't get a pet that several generations of your family will be obligated to care for long after you die. Or should you? Hm...
1. Tasmanian devils. A carnivorous marsupial that can crush its enemy's skull? Yes please.

* despite recently watching episode 40 of Hoarders. Sweet holy moses.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, my dad used to bring home snapping turtles! He kept them in the horse's water tank and I would play with them all the time. I was regularly enlisted to entertain company by fishing the snappers from the tank. It's a miracle I never lost a finger. (Although we didn't let ours go. They were regularly eaten for dinner. No joke.) - Meagan