06 September 2009

Pets o' my friends

We don't have any pets of our own, and their are none in our foreseeable future, either. So I find myself thinking often about the animals with which I do get to spend my time.

This is Cat. He's not really 4 feet long. It just looks that way.
My sister and her family just aquired him through the purchase of a lot next door to them. He's very sweet, very laid back, and very much an outdoor cat. Anyone with any suggestions on how to turn an outdoor cat into an indoor-outdoor cat is welcome to send them my way. Because this big fella has fallen in love, and I think they've all fallen back.

This sweet boy is Riley O'Riley. You may remember him from here (scroll way down), when he was very wee.He's much bigger now, but still adorable, and the day this photo was taken, he had been recently neutered. Can you see the newfound edge in his eyes? The wisdom? The reserved strength? The... I don't really know what dogs learn from neutering. So nevermind. Anyway, this pretty girl is Ramona, and once a long time ago I forgot her name, and could only remember "It's something like Desdemona. But not quite..." Oh, my mind is such a steel trap. She's a labradoodle (which apparently doesn't look spelled correctly. Ever) and you can see her here, as well. Riley and Ramona are both very sweet dogs. Except when they're together. It's all play, but it looks mighty fierce on film, doesn't it? I'm not sure, but you probably shouldn't piss him off.

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