06 May 2009

Insane amounts of cuteness

As promised, here's the report from Sunday's trip to Good Hope Township.

As we turned down the road that would take us to Nancy and K.C.'s, and V spoke up from the back seat, concerned. "What's that noise?!?" As I answered her "It's just the gravel on the road, honey," I realized with a jolt that she had never been on a gravel road before. My daughter, at 3 1/2, had never been on a gravel road.

Somewhere my father is shaking his head in amazement. I don't think he was on a paved road until he was 15 or so.
A couple of weeks ago, I was telling V a story about before she was born. I said "When I was pregnant with you, we had our wood floors refinished, and that's when we got rid of our piano."
She sat up straight in her car seat and said "What?"
"Oh, yeah," I said. "Didn't I tell you? We used to have a piano. But we gave it away."
She burst into tears. "Why did you do that?" she asked between sobs. The only way I could calm her down was to remind her that Nancy had a piano and we could come and visit, if we liked.
So on Sunday, the first thing she wanted to see was the piano.
Though it was sunny and lovely outside, it was tough to tear her away from the piano, even though she has a great hat. Here she is by Fej, looking very 1920's Cabana-y.
Finally it was kitty time. Here is V holding her first ever baby kitty.
She's not sure if she likes it or not.
Here's the pile of kitty goodness. 13 in all, from two or three different mamas. They are new and tiny and so adorable it made my skin hurt to look at them.

Shari quickly fell in love...
As did Crystal. It was funny how we each gravitated immediatedly towards different kittens. Meanwhile, Ramona watched the festivities, obediently waiting outside the barn where the baby kitties were, playing fetch with a yellow ball, and finding deep muddy water somewhere to wade in. We've all known Ramona since she was just a puppy herself.

As a grown up labradoodle, she's the perfect size for V to ride on now, if we could just locate ourselves a labra-saddle.
Finally, the main reason for this little shin-dig (aside from lovely weather, baby kitties, pianos, and a strong desire to avoid grading): Nancy and KC's new pupdog.
He's 9 weeks old, and he REALLY makes my skin hurt. He's got these beautiful gray-green eyes, and he follows anyone anywhere, and he loves to be held.
We brainstormed names, including Jasper, Rufus, Scooter, Skeeter, Skeetch, Darl...But I think they've decided on O'Riley. Riley O'Riley Hanson. As cute as puppies get.

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