31 May 2009

Bonnet for Emmy

My mom and sister went to the Cities this weekend (which is what we call Minneapolis/St. Paul, for those of you non-Minnesotans) to have a sewing party with some of our oldest friends (Sorry, Kathy: I mean, you're not old. Just your friendship is. I mean...oh, never mind). For various reason, V and I stayed home, but I was sewing with them in spirit, and so my sewing machine hummed quite a bit these last few days. One of the things I worked on was a new bonnet for my niece, Emerson. I haven't made her one since last summer, when she was a wee 8 pounds or so.
I get a little ambitious, sometimes, and this may be one of those times. First, it looks more ambitious than it was: yes, that's embroidery, but I didn't do it. During one of my thrift store bag sale binges, I got myself a rose colored, embroidered linen dress. It's not the sort of thing I'd wear in public, per se (a bit too librarian esque for me), I thought I might wear it around the house. Instead, I cut it up. V already has a pair of pants from it, and I used the ties from the back of the dress as the bonnet ties here. I hope it doesn't look like I cut up a dress to make a bonnet, though. I just wanted to make Emmy something fancy.
Here's my non-cooperative model, showing us the back.
Aren't these little gathers the cutest? My inner Laura Ingalls Wilder is very pleased.

As if embroidered linen wasn't fancy enough, I went all out and made this one reversible. Sweet dragonfly fabric can't just hide on the inside, you know?

Hopefully Emmy (and her mama) likes it, and hopefully it fits. Maybe we'll even get to see the lovely recipient wearing it in the near future.

(Pattern, as usual, from Angry Chicken)


Emmy's mama said...

Emmy and her mama love the bonnet and have already gotten many many comments about its beauty from her teachers at school. And we loved the dragonfly material but had no idea that it was actually reversible. How cool is that?!?

Auntie Nessa said...

Oooh! Me likey! I must have checked the blog 100 times between May 17 and May 26 when I was so lonesome for you--and now there are three lengthy, luxurious posts. I binged on JenNews.