03 May 2009

Whatcha makin'?

So my kid is 3 1/2, which means in theory she should be in 3-4T clothes. But those sizes companies assign to clothes? Misleading at best, and in our case, plain old wrong. V's waist fits perfectly in 2T pants. But her legs are at least 4T, 5T in most pants. Which means she either wears high-water capris, or she has to constantly hike her pants back up over her non-existent hinie.

What's a mother to do? Why, make some V sized pants, of course. I used the tutorial here.

Here she's climbing on the monkey bar shadow (I like how her brain works) wearing some denim-weight pants with cute owls and leaves. The fabric is from the juvenile dept. at JoAnns.
Next: capris. I actually made about 8 pairs before these, and the ribbon made my brain hurt (but it's not hard, really). But since summer is coming, it just had to happen. The fabric is from the 99 cent bin at Mill End, and has a smooth side and a slightly less smooth side. I put the smooth side out.
See? No hinie.
These are today's pants. These were the easiest ones yet: made from a butter yellow linen skirt, I just cut out the pieces with the hem intact.

Comfortable, long enough, and no need for hoisting up. What else could a girl want?

Oh, right. An ICEE.

We're off to visit a friend in the country this afternoon. There are baby kitties, we're told. Prepare for upcoming cuteness overload.

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