31 March 2009

In like a lion...out like a pissed off baracuda.

V has been home from school for a week and a half: we can't get to Grandma's, and most of the stores/movie theaters/places of entertainment have been closed during this time. We all have a terrible case of cabin fever. So we bundled up and went out to the backyard yesterday, to burn off some three year old energy, dig for treasure, eat falling snowflakes, and make snow angels.
You may recognize this bonnet from last winter, when it was new. I could make her a new one, but this one still fits, and I'm lazy. The pattern is from Amy Karol's Angry Chicken pattern. It looks like they're restocked for Easter. It's a well written, easy to follow pattern that takes me a little less than an hour, start to finish. (There are many more examples in this flickr group.)
V likes the bonnet because it keeps her ears warm, and it also shields her eyes from the sun. Yesterday it helped keep the snow from blowing straight into her face. I think bonnets are so underappreciated in today's world.

Anyway, as you can see, at least one person in Fargo-Moorhead had fun yesterday. Hope you find time to make yourself a snow angel today.

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