27 January 2008

Because it is cold and it is dark.

Post-haircut, trying to play with the toys at the salon just a little longer. That handsome boy in the corner looking in the mirror is Will.

Today is day three of our long weekend together. Shaun works all day every other Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, which means V and I get plenty of time to get sick of each other. I mean, enjoy quality time together. And since our Buick got sick, we're down to one car, which means she and I stay home and talk to the plants and feed pizza to the toy tiger and dream of spring. Perhaps this cabin fever is contributing to my sudden desire to grow something. Yesterday, Jess and Will and Grandma Myra came to town and the little ones got haircuts (which is exhausting. No one tells you when you're about to be a parent that a simple haircut can suck all the energy out of a day). Don't worry about the photo above: V just got a bang trim, and it's pulled back in the picture. After haircut-gate, we went to Lowe's to use a couple of $10 off a houseplant coupons I found online (it's not there anymore; sorry!). For $9.98, we found two big, lovely plants, and they look very alive and grow-y in our two south windows. While at Lowe's, since I feel guilty just gettng $20 worth of free plants and nothing else, I picked up one of those plastic greenhouse things with pellets of soil for $7. It is taking every bit of self-restraint I have to not plant seeds in it right now, but since we're 5 months out from planting season, I would likely wind up with spindly pathetic tomatoes & eggplants and flowers that were done blooming by May. I've never started garden plants from seed before, but my friend Robby did it last year and had amazing success, so I'm hoping I can use his expertise this year to get me through the darkest part (figuratively, for me) of winter.

On the other hand, V loves snow. She loves it so much she likes to take off her mittens to touch it, and then complain about how cold her hands are. Toddler logic is impressive, I tell you. I made her a bonnet over holiday break from Angry Chicken's pattern, and it came together brilliantly if I do say so myself. It was almost embarrassingly easy, made from fine wale brown corduroy, lined with peach-y bird patterned fabric, with a lavender grossgrain ribbon tie, and I am so pleased with how it turned out. Plus, it helps when I can tie her headwear on, because she's less likely to yank it off.

Isn't she a sweet winter Holly Hobbie girl?

The best part of the bonnet pattern is that it comes with a grown-up size, too, so I made one for myself (minus the brim, which I think might be a hazard while driving). It even fit my giant head. I left it at work on Thursday, so I can't take a photo yet, but I will, I promise. I made it out of velvet and a stretchy plaid pair of pants, and when I wear it my English-nerd colleagues call me Elizabeth Proctor. Awesome.

Let me mention, too, that I adore all the comments on the last post. Comments are like the cocaine of blogging: once you get one, you just want more and more and more. So please continue to feed my habit. I especially like it when commenters talk to each other: Kathy and Sam, you two should meet each other someday. It would be a hoot! Such disparate parts of my life coming together in one location...it makes me a little giddy.

Hope your Sunday is warm and full of chocolate (unless you're my sister, who doesn't like chocolate, in which case I hope her Sunday is warm and full of raspberry ginger ale).


Sam Kaiser said...

Adorable Jenn, leave it to you. Also, I wonder how google likes the keywords "bonnet" and "cocaine" in the same post. I want to see what the crawler program comes up with when you get quotes from your blog. ;)

Dave, Jen, and Zoe said...

So here I go feeding into your habit and piping up about bonnets and Jennys. I admit two things about the bonnet - 1. I am jealous. 2. I thought Holly Hobbie but then Little House when I saw it. And the Jenny thing from your last post - I felt I should chime in since I was referenced in the comments by the one who gave me the most popular girls name in 1971. Its true I tried very hard to rid myself of Jenny - and apart from my high school religion teacher who got a lot of things wrong, no one called me Jenny after 1979. But now it is Jen more than Jennifer - not a bad deal except in the professional world where I try to remain Jennifer but often fail in this need to nickname world. Just the other day I met a new 20something office assistant and introduced myself as Jennifer. She paused, wrinkled up her nose and then said, "Oh, you must be Jen!" I can see now why you went with V. - Jen(nifer)