30 March 2009

Insult to injury

Sarah and Robby's, yesterday. The plank in the forefront is the railing of the deck. You can see on the tree where the river crested, froze, and is now dropping. This is the view out of their basement door. On the other side of those sandbags is over 5 feet of river water. It's kinda freaky.
Anyway, the water is receding, slowly, but right now it's snowing. They tell us this precipitation will not significantly change the river levels, but it certainly slows down traffic and makes me worry about powerlines and Hendrum, too, where my mom and sister and her family live.
The snow is coming very fast, but as you can see it is fairly light.

Our house remains safe and dry, thankfully. With this new snowstorm will come strong winds, and so we hope the levees hold, and the giant ice sheets on the Red hold the water down and don't become battering rams that break through.

It feels as though spring will never come.

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