02 March 2009


Saturday night was cold and clear, and the moon was a lovely silver sliver. Since I've been having some luck with photos recently, I thought I'd try to get a picture. I took about 15 shots, and this is the best one.How sad is that? I just can't hold still enough to make it not blurry. So I embraced the blurry.I moved the camera on purpose. Slowly, quickly, all over. Standing in the dark in -19 degrees, I played with moonlight. Swoop. Swish.

Then I thought hm, I wonder if I could make something recognizable with this moonlight blur?
Well, look at that.
And again.

I'm trying to explain to V that most mothers do not write their child's name in moonlight, that she's so lucky. I assume she'll appreciate me eventually.

V and I played with the saturation and color settings on the computer, and came up with these. She thought that was pretty cool.

I'm so glad we didn't name her Elizabeth.

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