24 September 2009


I can't leave that downer of a post at the top of the blog any longer. I'm trying to focus on the stuff I love in this world instead of the stuff I don't.

This weekend, Shaun and I are going to Duluth again, just like we did last year. My sister and her family have graciously agreed to take V for the weekend (I must think of a way to repay her, and not with shoreline rocks from Lake Superior this time, either) so we can have two. consecutive. nights. together.

Getting away together is even harder than it looks for me. I feel guilty leaving V, and I feel I'm imposing so much by asking anyone to care for a four year old for 48 hours. Last year I had to take deep breaths all the way to the hotel; by the first morning, though, knowing we had a full day and night yet before returning home, I was feeling much, much better, and so thankful to have a break. Shaun's been good at making dates and getting me to go child-free for hours, sometimes days, at a time. It really helps us to reconnect when there's not an insistent four year old at our elbow. I'm just so thankful that I have a sister who rocks so hard.

What should we do while we're in Duluth? Any suggestions? We went to Glensheen last year, so we won't go again this year. I haven't been to any other attraction in Duluth for 15 years or so: what's good? What's cheap? What's not worth our time/money/thoughtful reflection? I wish leaves could be closer to their peak , but it's lovely there anytime of year.

Ideas are welcome. I can't promise postcards, but I'll think of you fondly on my mini-vacation...


Shirley said...

I'm sure you know about Hawk Ridge, right? Many people from the cities go there just for Hawk Ridge. Must admit that I never have. I suppose it is too late for the rose gardens. I haven't been following the weather patterns up there.

Be of good cheer. There is just so much sadness in the world. We must enjoy those moments we are lucky enough to experience..

Megan said...

If you happen to stroll into Grand Marais, Sven and Ole's has the most amazing pizza (I know, I know...Scandanavians making PIZZA...but seriously). My sister's boyfriend even claims it may just be the best pizza he's ever eaten.

Have a fun weekend!

The Arffs said...

Your sister DOES rock!! Have fun on your mini vaca ... everyone needs to recharge their batteries sans kids (whether they believe it or not!). The guilt is a common side effect, just to remind you that you are a good mom ;)

Beth Langworthy said...

Jen, try your hardest not to feel guilty. Look at it as a vacation for V, too. She will get to spend the weekend with her aunt and cousins--built-in play dates, what could be better?

What to do in Duluth? Thanks to you, whenever I think of Duluth I think of that "club" you took a picture of and put on a previous post. Maybe you and Shaun could rent a room there for a few hours?? Haha!!

Mink*e said...

Have a wonderful weekend. This made me think of you: