14 September 2009


On her fourth birthday, a week ago today, V Elizabeth got to do her favorite things.

She got a colorful bunting banner hung up in her honor.

She played Candy Land with Grandma.

She got a new birthday crown (made from the pattern in Living Crafts Fall 2008 issue)
She confirmed that her mother will not give up her day job to become a cake decorator. (It says "Happy Birthday V". And it's a 2 layer cake with butter-cream cheese frosting, in the colors V requested. And this IS its best side. back off).

She opened presents.

So many presents. (actually, it wasn't as bad as it has been. God bless the recession).

And she danced to music with her cousin Emmy.

I felt guilty not having a passel of kids over in her honor, but I don't think she'd like that much, anyway. She gets overwhelmed being the full center of just our family's attention some days. Plus her birthday was Labor Day this year, when most folks are getting in their last lake weekend of the year. She did let us sing Happy Birthday, quietly, and she ate a healthy dose of cake, as did her grandparents, parents, aunt, uncle, and cousins. Well, Auntie Jess didn't, because she doesn't like chocolate cake (I don't know what's wrong with her. Don't ask).

It warms my heart that everyone at this party was also at the hospital in 2005, waiting for her arrival (except Will, who was there in utero, at 38 weeks, and Emmy, who was still kinda far off on the horizon). I hope we have many more parties like this one. It was a sweet, simple celebration of the most amazing 4 years I've ever known.

I love you, Sprout. Hope 4 is good to you.


Megan said...

~Happy Birthday, V!~

1. What member of the female species doesn't like chocolate cake?

2. Although your icing abilities need some work, you form very nice V's and your candle positioning is excellent! (Besides, who cares what the darn thing looks like so long as it tastes good?!)

3. I much prefer smaller gatherings, too...so does Avery. (By the way, he's looking over my shoulder and was very interested in that crown. "Avery's prince crown?"...guess maybe mama will have to work on that.)

Jennifer said...

I'll totally hook you up with my copy of Living Crafts, if you want to peruse it.

Mink*e said...

Happy birthday, V! (I don't think there's anything wrong with family birthday parties, especially for preschoolers. Birthday parties have gotten so over-the-top and overstimulating. It seems like somebody's child, often the birthday boy or girl, is totally losing it at every one I take the boys to. We tentatively plan on doing them only for the "fives and zeros" - age 5, 10 and 15.)

Megan said...

Question: Are they simple, takes-less-than-2-days-type projects? I'm a total half-ass crafter when it comes to complicated projects! Not only could I not deal with the failure, but I'm sure my "perfect" husband would have much to say on the matter...should I undertake another project that will go unfinished for years, that is.

Jennifer said...

Yes, Megan, the crowns are easy-peasy. If you have a sewing machine, it's less than an hours work. By hand, perhaps 3 hours. You can do it while you watch Diego, frankly.

Min*ke--that "5s and zeros" idea is marvelous. V's only been invited to one school friend party so far, and I'm grateful for that.

SaraW said...

I think your cake is lovely, BUT, I think we should still submit it to cake wrecks and see what they say. ha ha. At least you didn't use cupcakes to form the cake :)