18 July 2009

Exciting News!

My cousin Deron received new lungs last night! Even if you don't know him, you should really check out his blog, http://deronarnold.blogspot.com/, because it's a heckuva story. I talked a little about him here, you'll recall, and posted a photo of us here (he's the one on the right).

It's such a massive surgery, and there are so many possible complications, and getting healthy donor lungs took such a long, long time. But since he was four years old (when he was diagnosed), Deron's been fighting cystic fibrosis valiantly, and in my heart I feel such relief. If anyone can recover from such a surgery, my cousin can.

Today, I will pray often (though it is not my practice anymore), thankful to the donor family, hopeful for Deron's speedy recovery, and holding my own child while I think of Deron's twin boys, who are old enough to remember today, now, and what a memory it will be for them. I will also smile often today, thinking of the joy my Aunt Sharon and Cousin Dawn and her family must be sharing in Iowa.

I hope they know just how many people are rejoicing with them today.

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Anonymous said...

Jen, is that my Iris. If so dont you think I should get credit. Love the garden spot and Derons spot. I raised a good one.