26 July 2009

Bring Out the Gimp

I've been trying to use this software I read about someplace called GIMP: it's a free photoshop-esque software. Of course, I am lousy at reading directions, so I just go in and click on stuff and pull down menus and say yes to whatever just to see what happens.
This is "posterize." I kinda like it.

Anyone know anything about GIMP? Is it worth reading the directions for? What do you think of my pop-art version of V?


Shirley said...

Are we related? I seem to have the same problem; my motto is, "When everything else fails, read the directions." I spend too much of my discretionary time trying to "Expose the 9/11 Cover-up." Will the blind every ever quit refusing to see?

I have over 16,000 photos on my computer, about 3,300 from Norway so I have plenty to work with. Unfortunately, I appear to have perfected the art of procrastination. Did I inherit that trait from you, or only the one that doesn't like to read directions?

If you ever get down here, I hope you will contact me so I can unload some fabric. I would also lik to introduce you to a really cheap place to find interesting items. It sounds like you probably don't need another place like your special shop.

By the way, I check your blog every day. I really appreciate your blog and Jess'. It is what makes me feel somewhat connected to my roots.

Ed said...

Here's a GIMP cheat sheet.

Claudia said...

It is a family trait - I do not like to read directions - love to read - but not directions - would much rather be shown.