08 July 2009

4 July 2009 in Twelve Photographs

So the last several fourth of July's have been spent at the in-laws lake, where we hang out, watch baseball (go Twins!), drink beer/soda/Mike's Hard Lemonade, eat a cake shaped like a flag, and spend time with the people we like the most.

This year, the weather was spectacular, the fireworks were stunning, and the company was excellent. I also had the good fortune to have a Nikon camera that takes, in my opinion, amazing photos practically by itself.This is Steve, my handsome, newly-single brother-in-law, who entertained V all weekend. We probably should pay him money for how well he kept her entertained while we napped and generally avoided parenting in most ways.
David, my father-in-law, built more than one campfire so we could have s'mores, and won at least 1/3 of all croquet games played this weekend.
Mary, my lovely mother-in-law, thought the lake breeze was a little chilly. She did most of the cooking, and went gambling with me, and doted on V when Uncle Steve wasn't entertaining her.
My mama, who wears a tube top like no one's business. She believes it's a sin if you're not outside the ENTIRE TIME you're at the lake. I'm so glad she came out for the day.
She brought her sister, my Aunt Beverly, with her. We all love Bev, and it's so cool to be at a lake with her again, like we did when I was very young and my grandparent's cabin on South Twin would fill up with the Johnson family. Will, who looks like he's about to burst into tears here but I swear was just having fun chucking rocks. He and V had fun swimming and running around and playing in the dirt.
My little sister, whose recent jaw surgery meant she couldn't eat any potato salad. She had a nice soft peanut butter sandwich, though, and went swimming with our kids. And she brought a bunch of soda pop, which means I love her the most. Hope your weekend was filled with goodness, too.

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Dawn Mason said...

Loved the tube top, Aunt Myra! I remember Mom having one just like it.

Glad you guys all had a lot of fun. Looks like a nice weekend.