12 July 2009

Insert Title Here

I tell my students all the time that titles are important. If As I Lay Dying were called Another Book by Faulkner, it just wouldn't be the same. Still, 90% of them don't title their first paper: it's not until they see they lose points that they step up and title their stuff. And I'm not a fan of the lame title: "Essay 2: Restaurant Review" starts me off depressed, whereas "An Evening of Horrible Disfigurments and Lifelong Disappointments" draws me in and makes me want to read on.

I know you all understand this. My thoughtful readers would certainly title their papers, wouldn't you? To show how much I appreciate this, I bring you today's offering of photos with titles. I hope they're better than "Another Picture by Jen," but I'm not making any promises.
"Meadow at Dusk With Blade of Grass"
"Cool Heron that Kinda Looks Like a Scary Guy in a Bird Costume"
"Georgia O'Keefe Can Suck My Left Toe"
"I Can Almost Hear the Natureliness"
"Even Though My Sister and I Were Both Girl Scouts for Years, It Took Us Two Hours to Build This Damn Fire."
*all but the lilies are from Lake Minnie Belle, this weekend. The lilies are from our backyard.


Tenessa said...

I am totally terrified of that bird guy.

CrystalRae said...

Do herons need big eyes? Your eyes, as portrayed in these pictures, are big, and keen, and beautiful.