30 June 2009


I recently unearthed some photos that my Aunt Shirley had put together for a slide show at our wedding reception. It's fantastic, and I was glad I could figure out how to get some of the photos to transfer. Some of the originals were damaged when Shirley scanned them, because they were those weird, stiff, curled-up Polaroids or whatever film my dad was using at the time.
I remember Aunt Sharon and Uncle Gene's home based on this wallpaper, and green shag carpet, and the strangeness of a split-level home layout, which no one in my whole hometown had. Oh, and Deron and Dawn each had their own bedrooms, which I coveted terribly.

I would guess this photo is late 1974/early '75, with Dawn not yet a year, me a year and a half (in the center, with the fancy hair bow), and Deron less than 4. Does that sound right, cousins? At any rate, there is little in this world that reminds me more of the innocence of childhood than these kinds of pictures.

If it makes either of you feel too exposed, let me know, and I'll remove the post. But I hope you both know that even though it's been years since we played together, I think of you both every day.


Deron Arnold said...

Great pic! I have never seen this before. That was before I was diagnosed. I suppose Jess hadn't quite been born yet.

I really, really miss that wallpaper.

Deron Arnold said...

Me again. I keep staring at the picture. My sister and I must have had an oral fixation!

I am impressed by how much I look like my mom. Maybe it's the hair. And now I know why people say that Maxwell looks like me.

By the way, you know, all three of our faces in the pic look very similar to our current appearance--just add about 34 years of aging.

Jennifer said...

I know: it's so strange how much we look the same, in many ways. I look at V and try to imagine her grown up, and it breaks my brain. But there we are, just like now but much smaller. And less modest.

Dawn Mason said...

I love it! I don't remember seeing that one before, either. It brought a smile to my face.