23 June 2009

I mean it this time.

My cousin Deron just posted on his blog about how important comments are: for him, especially, it helps so much to hear from readers and know that someone is out there. In thinking about it, I am always surprised when I'm out and about and see someone I know, who tells me "Oh, hey, I read your blog all the time!" Really? Because according to my comments, there are only 4 readers on earth.

When I worked at the nursing home as a nursing assistant, we would occassionally be reprimanded by our bosses for taking more than our allotted 15 minute breaks. That was the hardest job I've ever had, and sometimes, when you had your feet up and a cold soda, it was hard to get back out on the floor. But we did try to keep everything kosher, honest. One day, one of the RNs wrote in the day book that by taking 20 minutes instead of 15, we were "stealing from the residents." Now, I suppose in a way that's true. We could've been caring for the elderly instead of reading People magazine. Then again, those five extra minutes may have been just what we needed to recharge enough so we could face another supper of serving pureed fish, or dealing with unimaginable amounts of bodily fluids.

Wait, I'm digressing. My point is, I write this blog for a lot of reasons. I write to keep my loved ones informed, and I write to (hopefully) entertain sometimes, and I write because it's better than talking to myself. But if you, dear readers, don't comment? Ach. I'm not even talking every time...just once in awhile. Say, once every 5 or 6 posts. If you can't do that, then you're stealing from me. And if you keep it up, I may soil myself and blame you.


Mink*e said...

OK, you got me. I'm always here, (and I love comments too). Now please send me a People magazine and a cold soda.

grandma s said...

Jennifer....I absolutly so enjoy your blog; the photos, the writing, the news, the hot tips on all sorts of topics. I should let you know more often, but procrastinate and then it doesn't get happen. Sometimes Minke gives me old People mags but never a soda. I get a cup of tea from Joel though. Grandma S.

Deron Arnold said...

Well said.

Please don't soil yourself.

Anonymous said...

and if you soil yourself, please don't blame me.

- Meagan O

Emily, Scott, and August said...

I'm just glad I commented 2 days ago so I'm out of the soiling/blaming loop. For now.

CrystalRae said...

Wow -- since I just uploaded a blog which pretty much demands response to indicate any type of success at all, I need to comment immediately, as you know that I read your blog, and I want you to read my blog, and I even ask you for advice for blogging that I procrastinate instead of act on, so yeah. Here's my comment. I find your blog inspiring, and I hope to be able to portray my life and thoughts in at least a half-as-interesting way. You have a gift. Even Todd says, "Now, Jenyo -- she's got a really good blog." And that's saying something when I have to beg him to read mine! :)