10 May 2012

Those photos I promised you

Almost new Ruff Hewn X-strap mary janes: $3. Aren't they cute? Yes, I have other red mary janes, but these are clearly completely different. Don't judge me. 

Then I made  myself a new summer-y purse. I've been working a lot with vinyl, lately, and I really like it, but lordy, vinyl does not breathe. By definition, it's too hot for summertime, so I found some very pretty cotton and made myself a mock-Vera Bradley bag. (I actually own 2 Vera Bradley bags: one kinda of like this, in Paprika, which was a gift from my sister-in-law and which I love so much I only carry it on special occasional, and one like this, which I got for $2.50 at the thrift store, which I also love but I'm sort of bored with the colors, which are muted blue and cream and brown.) So, ta-da!

Fantastic rainbow fabric from Mill End, with lots of interior pockets and a lining made from orange and red fabric that we used at our wedding ten years ago. There's a big zipper pocket inside, with pen and cell phone pockets opposite, and a smaller zipper pocket on the outside. I quilted the fabrics together with a lightweight cotton batting, though next time I think I'll just use a nice interfacing: the quilting just takes up too much space in a small bag. I even got fancy and added a loop onto which I could clip my keys. You know how that is, when you toss you keys in your purse, and then you have dig all the way to the bottom? I hate that. So I added a little loop on the strap. 
 Only I didn't think that particular addition through, so it points to my boob. Like you wouldn't notice my them anyway, I now have a prominent detail on my lovely handmade bag clearly drawing attention to my right breast. Awesome.

But I can fix that, and otherwise it's pretty cute.

Now the 6 year old is telling me she's hungry, so I'd better go rustle up grub. How's your summer going?

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Nancy said...

Jenyo, you're so talented. I love your creations.