21 May 2012

Name that flower!

I took pictures of some wildflowers this weekend, but I only know the name of one of them.  Why don't you show off your vast plant knowledge and educate me?

I think they're all pretty awesome, whatever they're called. As I came up out of the ditch, a woman walked by and said "You know, that ditch is full of poison ivy." Thanks for the (too late) heads up, lady. Still, I must've avoided those nasty leaves of three, because nothing itches today. And the ditch is clearly not FULL of poison ivy, because if it were, there would be no room for those pretty flowers.


Anonymous said...

I believe the red one is columbine or my mom called it honeysuckle. not sure that term is for the same flower. not sure on the other two. Meagan bought me for mother's day a Lady Slipper....is in bloom now in my front yard and sooooo pretty. Thank you Meagan...Kathy S

Anonymous said...

I think I found the yellow beauty in my trusty Great Plant Guide, 3,000 recommended plant guide...I think it might be merrybells...they look like the photo in the book. wondering if the white is in the Allium family, which are an ornamental onion. Did it smell like an onion sandwich? kathy s.

Jennifer said...

I didn't sniff any of them, but I hope it smelled like an onion sandwich! Merrybells may be the prettiest flower name I've ever heard. I have a honeysuckle bush in my yard: I'll take a picture for you!

Anonymous said...

I concur - some sort of Allium, I'm not sure about the yellow one, and Columbine. Merrybells is an awfully sweet name.

As for the poison ivy - it's an allergic reaction, so maybe you're one of the lucky 1 in 7 who doesn't react? If so, I'm jealous. Once I had a poison ivy rash that circled my eyes. Yeah.

And Kath - glad the lady slipper is blooming! -Meagan