23 May 2012

Our song (Today is the 23rd of May)

My dad loved Bill Cosby, the Smothers Brothers, and Allan Sherman records (and other racier ones that we weren't allowed to listen to, as you can imagine). Still, it was my little sister who noticed, circa 1978, that both of our birthdays are in this Allan Sherman song. Twice a year, one of us calls up the other and sings our birthday song. I like it.  

Our song starts around 4:42. And the video is just a shot of the album cover and the vinyl, but I'm just lucky I found it online at all, peeps. 

I'll probably post more later today. Until then,and/or if not, happy birthday to me, Jeff Kolness, Diane Nelson, Barney Selzler, and the rest of us May 23rders. I think I'll go find me some liverwurst.

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Anonymous said...

Allen Sherman....the best! Thank you, thank you Jennifer Loy...My thoughts wander much these twilight days of mine and was thinking just this week about my dear Grandma Mamie...and her liverwurst sandwiches. How she loved them and creamed peas on toast; her smile of delight as she watched "Queen for a Day" wishing she was the honored guest. She was always queen for me every day. HAPPY BIRTHDAY my friend. Kathy S.