09 November 2011

Yum. (a Shaun-free post)

1/2 cup pineapple juice: $.17
1/2 of a frozen pineapple from a fresh one I bought two weeks ago: $1.42
4 Tablespoons low-fat vanilla yogurt: $.32
3 frozen strawberries: $ .12
big shot of coconut cream: $.35
4 ice cubes: $.01?
 Two tall, spooky tumblers, Target Halloween clearance: $1.78
Crazy good spooky smoothies with V: Total: $4.09! (plus we can use the glasses again and again and again.) I would say "priceless," but that's overdone. Then again, stuffing my kid with fruit while making her think it's a huge treat is pretty priceless, I guess. Okay, you talked me into it.

Our smoothie obsession started here, in case you were wondering. My obsession for Target Halloween clearance started a long time before the internet was invented. So there you go.

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