06 November 2011

Party party party

As promised, we had belly rubbing:
 Shaun and Brady. Behind Shaun is our life-sized cardboard KISS, a gift several years ago from our friend Johanna. Our decorating theme for the party was "Things Shaun Likes."  Shaun's shirt is from Teenwolf. Of course.
 Tenessa made a beautiful Shaun-shaped cheese ball. Yum.
 Ed surprised us!
 The Johnson sisters. Here we're singing Billy Joel's "We Didn't Start the Fire."
 Our friends the Runestads, singing "The Gambler."
 Uncle Bill! He sang "Cracklin' Rosie." I love that song.
 Dan & Tenessa sang "Louisiana Woman; Mississippi Man" but applied it to their lives. "Minnesota Woman, North Dakota Man." It was beautiful.
 Carla came down off the stage and worked the crowd.
Brad and my Jess. And my purse.

We didn't have a huge turnout, but it ended up perfect: everyone got to sing several times, with basically no wait, and we could visit and still hear each other sing. Plus, karaoke is just more fun when you know and love every person in the room. It was really, really, really the perfect party for us. Thank you so much to everyone who came, even if you didn't sing.

I'll work on posting at least a partial list of songs performed, after Shaun wakes up from his nap. We're not accustomed to partying like rockstars, apparently.


Anonymous said...

Happy Late Birthday, Shaun! Sorry we suck and couldn't make it to either of your parties. I hope we can still be friends. We really do love you guys and are sad we missed out on the celebration. Jen & Kip Hines

Trudy said...

You know it's an awesome party when there is karaoke=D looks like a fun time..love the kiss cutout!