09 November 2011

Birthday Boy

I swear I'll stop posting about $haun's birthday after this. Seriously. But this picture merits some discussion.

1. Huge bunny. I hear this was from Uncle Bill, and that makes perfect sense for me. What are uncles for, if not large, ridiculous toys that your parents would never purchase for you?
2. Fantastic early-to-mid-'70s disposable tablecloth with creepy, creepy, creepy clowns. I wish they'd saved that for me.
3. How cute is Shaun G a n y o here? V is always a little surprised when she sees pictures of me or Shaun as kids; she can't believe we were ever little. Look at him! Aw....

I'm also finding it amusing to be married to a 40 year old man. Never mind that I'm 38 myself: 40 is old.

Thanks, gentle readers, for letting me indulge in a little Shaun-centric blogging this week. May we all still be here for Shaun's 80th.

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Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Shaun!!!! Sorry I missed the party...sounds like it was great fun, next to talking singing is my favorite...I am not so sure I will make the 80th, see what I can do. Gma S