08 November 2011

Birthday post #2

The ridiculously fashionable Tenessa, helping set up the food table.
 Including the amazing cheeseball she made. That's $haun's head. In cheeseball form. I really would like all my food to be both delicious AND hilarious.
 Here's the rockstar corner. The Elvis poster was there when we arrived: we just had to add KISS. And the squares on the right side of the photo make up Shaun's present from me: a t-shirt quilt. It probably deserves its own post, but it was part of our decor.

Some of the songs we sang (if yours isn't listed, or is listed incorrectly, please leave a comment! I loved every single song but got a little drunk on all the love, so I forgot many):

Brick: Ben Folds Five
Chantilly Lace: Big Bopper
Cat's in the Cradle: Harry Chapin
Copacabana: Barry Manilow
One More Minute: Weird Al

Time in a Bottle: Jim Croce
America: Neil Diamond
Soul Man: Blues Brothers
Asshole: Dennis Leary
Superstar: Jesus Christ Superstar

Any Man of Mine: Shania Twain
You're the One that I Want: Grease (w/Shaun)
Piece of My Heart: Janis Joplin

Uncle Bill:
Cracklin' Rosie: Neil Diamond

Jambalaya: Hank Williams
Don't Stop Me Now: Queen
Melt With You: Modern English

The Gambler: Kenny Rogers (w/ Eric)

River of Dreams: Billy Joel
Isn't She Lovely: Stevie Wonder

Baby Got Back: Sir Mix-a-Lot
Bring Him Home: Les Mis
A Buck Owens song
Alejandro: Lady Gaga
Louisianna Woman, Mississippi Man: Conway Twitty & Loretta Lynn (w/Dan)
Honestly: Stryper
Act Naturally: Buck Owens
That'll Be the Day: Buddy Holly
Total Eclipse of the Heart: Bonnie Tyler

Somewhere Over the Rainbow: Israel
Happiest Girl in the Whole USA (w/Jen)
We Didn't Start the Fire: Billy Joel (w/Jen)
Another song I don't remember
Work It: Missy Elliot
Hold On: Wilson Phillips (w/Tenessa)

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