08 June 2011

The rumors you have heard are true.

We have a new dog.  We've named him Seven.
 He's a bichon-shih-tzu cross, and will be one year old on June 25th. We got him from a rescue, who got him from a puppy mill. He's housetrained, and kinda quiet, and he is completely in love with V.
 An hour before we picked him up, he got bitten in the eye by another dog. These photos are from day one and two; by day three, he was an unholy mess (I have photos, but you don't want to see them). $160 worth of dog medications later, his eye is getting better, and hopefully he'll get to have his funny cone-shaped collar removed by the end of the week.
 A warm bundle of fluffy love at my feet? Oh, mercy, I've missed this.
V reads to Seven, and Seven loves V. I hope they have many years of adventures together.


Chelsey said...

Oh my goodness, that picture of V reading to Seven is priceless!!! How'd this little rascal get named Seven anyway?

Emily, Scott, and August said...

Yay!!!! This post made me happy : )Way to heal Seven!

Sam Kaiser said...

Wasn't 7 the name George Castanza wanted to name his kid? Perfect.

Carla said...

Dude! Cute dog. We should get our dogs together to sniff each other!