09 June 2011

Ebony and Ivory

Seven meeting Rocket for the first time.

Thanks for all your happy responses to Seven! Some of you had questions about him, and since he's all I want to talk about lately, I'm more than happy to do another post.

We found Seven through Petfinder.com, a lovely way to yank your own heartstrings. I have read more than enough student essays on puppy mills to convince me of the importance of pet adoption, but we've also had our share of less than perfect pets through adoption. I do recommend pet adoption, though, to anyone considering pet ownership.  There are so damn many dogs (and cats, and bunnies....) waiting.

We didn't have a name chosen when we went to pick him up, but we had fun on the drive home: V liked Milk, Coconut, and Vanilla (but she may have just needed a snack). I loved Umlaut and Dr. Nutbucket (any pet name that begins with "Dr." or "Mr." is automatically funnier). Shaun was unimpressed, until I mentioned numbers. Eleven? Five? (I liked Five, because V is, of course, a roman numeral....) I said we could name him Nine, after Roger Maris. And it came to us, clearly, as a family, that this little dog should be named Seven. It's a Seinfeld reference, and also V was born on the seventh of September. And it's a lucky number. And Mickey Mantle's. And none of us hated it (though I cried a little to lose Dr. Nutbucket).

Aside from his eye, Seven is healthy (knock on wood!), though he does sometimes make funny little hiccup/burp noises when he sleeps. It's just about the cutest sound ever.


Emily, Scott, and August said...

Don't forget "Sir," like Auggie's pig puppet, Sir Oinks-a-lot--

basketballwannabe said...

love the name! Very cute dog. You are to be commended for getting a rescue dog. I wanted to but my husband was too shy on the idea so we stuck with the same breeder as the last dog we had. Have fun, V!

ilene said...

Congrats on your new family member! Even with 2 dogs, 2 cats a parrot, a kid a hubby at our house, I still am awaiting getting another Dane to fill the space in my heart from Boogie.

Megan said...

Matt named our dog (Husker, go figure). Since he's grown up a bit and reached...errr...hech emm...sexual maturity, he's gained a nickname:

Sir Humps-A-Lot

We try to refrain from calling him this in front of Avery, for obvious reasons.

Love your new furball!

Tom said...

I would have voted for Dr. Nutbucket!