09 October 2009

Thrift Score

Today, in my 1 hour to myself between dropping of Shaun and picking up V, I swung by a favorite thrift store, looking for new winter mittens for V. No luck in that department, but I found these fabulous trims, at least 4 yards of each (maybe more--I suck at estimating things) all on one bolt, for $1.99. The black sequins are stretchy, so many of you should expect a headband or bracelet (or whatever else I can think of...a belt? a garter? Who knows...) in your Christmas package from me. The others are thick and cottony and I am envisioning some denim totes with gorgeous handles, or maybe .... a belt? a garter? Well probably not a garter, since these aren't stretchy. I especially like the blue and yellow one.

For this alone I would've been grateful, truly, but then I found a gallon ziplock bag full of ladies scarves. It was stuffed full, and I could see some of the prettiness: some silk, some rayon, some of that cool chiffon stuff. But it was $5.99, and I'm just not going to spend $5.99 on anything at a thrift store unless it's a couch or a chiffarobe or some such thing. I put it down, walked to the checkout, and then dashed back. I opened the bag to find 20--count 'em--twenty scarves. That makes them 30 cents a piece, and even if I wear only one of them, I will get my money's worth. V can have play scarves to infinity, if she likes, or maybe I'll just become that weird scarf-lady teacher that every community college really ought to have. Here are some of the highlights from my new collection.This one feels like cotton or light weight linen, and has very pretty gold embroidery.
This is chiffon, with such pretty stripes. It's oblong, so will be a great little neck scarf.
This is the corner of a large square scarf. Some of these scarves (not this one, I think) are made of frightening sounding materials like "vilon."
And then, the cream of the crop: this is 100% silk, and apparently quite collectible. That link takes you to Etsy, where there are listings for Vera Neumann scarves for anywhere from $11-$29. And I almost wouldn't pay 30 cents for it.
It was a good day for thrift. What's your favorite thrift store find lately?


ilene said...

The other day I had a college aged girl complement me on a sweater I was wearing. I happily replied that not only was my "cute" sweater from the thrift store
(Target new for $1.99 w/tags!), but after a quick once over, I stated excitably that my whole outfit was from the thrift store (with the excpetion of my bra & undies & fancy sox from your sister)...it was a complete ensemb' for less than $12.00!
Soemtimes I think I should not share this secret!!!

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, I've been staying out of thrift stores. We've been busy trying to fit everything we already own into our house. It's looking like we'll fit, though, and the new house has a thrift store right across the alley. I keep telling myself it's a great place to GET RID of stuff, but I know I'll be going through the front door soon. -Meagan

Anonymous said...

And the whole reason I commented? To tell you that butterfly scarf is BEAUTIFUL. nice find. :) - Meagan

Megan said...

I could see the blue or orange one sewn at the hem of a very simple skirt or smock-style shirt for V. (Or even for Mama for that matter.)

Haven't been thrifting for a while, but after seeing your treasures I may just have to go hunting again soon!