17 October 2009

Costume Ideas

Oh, Halloween. You're taunting me, with your Saturday-occurring, multi-party spawning 2009. Plus my students have asked me to dress up as part of Harvest Week (or some such thing). What's a grown woman to do? (For those of you reminding me outloud that I have a 4 year old I should be more worried about, she's already taken care of. That is, she's decided what she wants to be. I haven't started making it yet, of course, but I do have a plan already, which, trust me, is impressive).

The first thing I did was poll my students. I told them I have fair to midldlin' sewing skills, and I want something I can make rather than purchase. "What should I be for Halloween?"
"A color crayon."
"An M&M" Many of my students are single moms, and simplicity is a priority. I imagine their kids have lots of solid-color sweatsuits upon which black construction paper is taped.
"A drunk hobo" (which made me snort, actually)
A young woman, recently here from Somalia, said "A pregnant nun." I didn't even ask.

Finally, one of them spoke up and said "Can we think about this and get back to you?" I realized I was keeping them longer than they'd hoped just before a long weekend. Oops. So if they come up with anything fascinating, I'll be sure to report back.

But I thought I'd ask your advice. What should I be? I've sewn prom-dress level projects (with piping! though I never want to do piping again...) so I can handle whatever you propose, pretty much. It can't be too risque, though: I taught as a saloon girl one year, and was more than disconcerted by catcalls from students. Too creepy to even be flattering. So, you know. Be reasonable. Oh, and I need to be able to work in it. So a hibernating bear, while tempting, won't work out.

Thanks, internets! I just know you'll come up with something brilliant.


Megan said...

Hm...I love a challenge. Give me a day or two to mull it over.

Avery is going as a monkey (Thank you Old Navy for your warm fleece costumes priced very reasonably!). The costume has a banana sewn into a pocket. While Matt and I were at Target the other day we strolled through the Halloween section. There is an adult-sized banana suit! The mental picture of my husband dressed like a gigantic banana put me into hysterics right there in Target.

I'm still trying to convince him he needs to dress up to take Avery trick-or-treating.

Jennifer said...

Matt MUST be a banana. Then again, so should you. It would make a fine Christmas photo, too, I reckon.

Anxiously awaiting your inspiring discussions.

Megan said...

Ok. I've had some time to think. Given your profession, my mind went to literary character costume possibilities. Here are my suggestions:
1. Fern from "Charlotte's Web" - you could dress in overalls, wear your hair in pig tails, and carry a stuffed pig. (Plus I'm guessing V might be a fan of this one.)

2. Charlotte Bronte or Elizabeth Barrett Browning (some of your students may not get it, however. But maybe you could do a class and feature one of their works?)

3. Agatha Christie (I just think it'd be fun to say her name all day...not sure how you'd dress or really pull this one off.)

Obviously the next suggestions aren't literary characters/authors...

4. Julia Child (It could be so much fun acting like this crazy lady!)

5. Betsy Ross (All you'd have to do is wear a nice classic frock and carry a flag!)

6. Clara Barton

7. Maria Montessori (This one would be tough, but fun and meaningful!)

8. Elizabeth Taylor (I know...after the rest of my suggestions this one is a little strange. But think about it; you could dress in some outlandish dress, tease your hair, and wear lots of fake jewels!)

9. Mae West (slightly risque, but not exactly over the top. Plus, there are lots of awesome quotes floating around...you could really get into this one!)


10. Sally Ride (have fun making an astronaut costume!)

I'm spent. Hopefully this at least gives you some ideas! My personal favorites: Fern, Julia Child, and Elizabeth Taylor.

Anonymous said...

I almost always go as the Cat in the Hat. I've done it for years. Easy, fun. Although an astonishing number of people call me "Dr. Seuss." It is a very practical costume for working in, however, I once did a full day of farm harvesting dressed that way. And coffee roasting. And sales. Oh, I have used that too many years. Anyway, moving on.

Anyway, last year I tried to get Phil to be Freddie Mac and I was going to be Fannie Mae. It still makes me laugh to think of it.

A friend once bought a cuban cigar and went as Castro.

Oh, this is totally not what you're looking for.

but this might be:


Anonymous said...

So, it's almost halloween. But I thought you might like this: