23 December 2007

Holiday Shenanigans Part I

First, let me congratulate everyone who's commented so far on the last post. You're all winners in my heart (though there can still be only one "real" winner. Otherwise it wouldn't be a contest). And let me also remind all of you who are still on the fence that it is a random drawing, so you have as much of a chance as anyone (and right now it looks like about a 20% chance), and I promise the prize will make you laugh, feel shiny and new, and maybe confuse you and those you love. So please, if you haven't commented yet, do so (unless you're in Moscow bringing home your new son, because that's the only real excuse to not comment).

In other news, G a n y o Christmas round 1 just ended. So many presents, so much taco dip...here are just a few of many highlights.

V's noisiest present so far: Squawkers McCaw. We can rename him/her, according to the adoption certificate, so feel free to offer suggestions. I tend to gravitate toward names like "Hank." Discuss amongst yourselves.

Like V, Squawkers loves to dance and repeat back whatever people say. I'm still trying to figure out how to explain to V that we didn't have the internet when I was growing up. How will I tell her that I didn't own a robot? Ever?

In related news, have lots of theories on presents, but let me summarize by saying it is always a pleasure to exchange gifts with people who know you well, people who like you and want you to be happy, and for whom you feel the same. I got some amazing (and shimmery) lotion, some hand-dyed wool yarn, and a very fancy multi-colored pages journal. I mean, those are all things I just adore, really, and am way too cheap to buy myself. Is that what Christmas is all about? Kinda.

Last night we rocked out with Fat Daddys, Uncle Bill's kick-ass band. Um, hello, but I really think the guitar player needs to live in our basement and make me breakfast on weekends. He is just the sweetest cutest boy in America. Next to Shaun, of course. Anyway, we went to the Park Rapids Eagles Club, paid our $3 cover, and enjoyed music and family time all in the company of the Park Rapids locals. Sometimes my anthropologic side flares up and I just enjoy watching people, how they interact with each other, and how this all changes over the course of several $6 Bud light pitchers. I feel so removed from the bar scene (not that I was ever all that into it...) that it's a lot like seeing a whole different species interact.

After the show, I went back to the in-laws and had some delicious Pennsylvania Dutch Egg Nog, and watched late-night cable. If you like sweet and creamy liquor, I would recommend this eggnog, but only if you chill it well first. Few things are yuckier than warm eggnog.

Ew. I just made myself gag.

Ah, liebchens, I must go rest up for Christmas Round II. I wish I hadn't left the eggnog in Park Rapids (though I hope Aunt Joy gets to drink the rest of it), but perhaps I can stop at the Bottle Barn on our way to Hendrum tomorrow. If you have other liquor suggestions, or would like me to bring you anything if you'll be in Hendrum tomorrow, too, just let me know. It's no trouble. Really.

May your holidays be pleasurable, your lights sparkly, and your eggnog cold. I'll be back with Round II updates and reflections on the whole sordid thing in a couple of days. In the meantime, why not leave a comment?

PS: Hey, Dave, is this a better font? You're my first official complaint. Congratulations. Let me know what you think.


Sam Kaiser said...

Do you think I could get a bird through British customs? They did let me get by after all...

Did you make V learn Christmas carols this year?

Emily, Scott, and August said...

I suggest Amanda Huggenkiss or Heywood U. Cuddleme. Depends if it's a boy or a girl, I suppose. Or Gene.

Anonymous said...

I hope I am not too late to respond to the beckon of the blog. As usual I am one who often waits till the last possible moment( I know you have not received my Christmas card yet since none have been sent yet) in many things in life. I am not one to sit on the fence as it often hurts in the end...haha...although I am one who just want folks to play nice...not all folks play nice unfortuately...."Rocked Out Fat Daddy's", Pensylvania Dutch egg Nog, I feel I have been missing some things in my life....although I have tried to live a life of cavorting and foldorahl. I feel the bird should be called Gewurztraminer and could be called Gewurzie for short. That is my vote...see you hopefully in a few days my friends....Kathleen A.

boothbuddyjoj said...

I think you should rename Squawkers 'Handlebars'. You know why. -Johanna

Dave, Jen, and Zoe said...

Hey thanks, Jen.
I've been meaning to comment for
a while. I love Your blog.
It makes Me feel warm and relaxed.
Just like the Pennsylvania Dutch.

P.S. I like this font, but how about
something swirly and gothic?
It's the hot, new thing with Pennsylvania Dutch people.

peter.schleif said...

I say you name the bird Bitch. Here's how it would go:

Shawn: Shut up, Bitch!
Brid: Shut up, Bitch!
Shawn: No, you shut up
Brid: No, you shut up


Happy holidays!