16 December 2007

Handmaid's tale

The child, she learns quickly. I don't think she even knew the word "finger" until September 28; but she learned it right quick.

And almost as quickly, she healed. Not quite, I suppose, but the fact that her finger looks this good relieves me beyond belief. What? You can't tell for sure which finger it was? Exactly. Hence my relief.

I didn't mention in the original post that another thing that kept me awake at night was a deep sorrow of potential loss: I kept thinking "She'll never be a hand model!" as if that was what I had always hoped she would be. And those corny wedding photos with the couple's hands showing the wedding rings? Ruined. I smushed her wedding ring finger. And don't even get me started on my panic over her piano and guitar careers...though my friend Crystal cheered me up when she said Jerry Garcia was missing that very finger.

I still feel awful, by the way. Every time we go through a door together I hold my breath and peer at each of her appendages to make certain she's clear. But at least, if she wants, she'll probably be able to have that corny wedding photo after all.

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