13 December 2007

Holiday Photo

Since Shaun likes for us to all be in the picture, (because when we get photos of our friends' kids, he growls and says "I'm not friends with their KID!") we generally have to find outsiders to take a shot of all of us. Last year(left) it was done during Thanksgiving at Myra's.

This year we begged and pleaded until Dan and Tenessa agreed to help. Here are some of what we had to pick from (this is clearly more of a reflection on us than it is on them, by the way).

Do you think we're in a rut for poses? Me too. I'm actually not even including the one we did choose: some of you will get one in the mail shortly, and I'd hate to totally spoil the surprise. If you DON'T get one in the mail shortly, it means one of three things: 1. I don't have your current address and have a stack of mail here for you that keeps coming back to me, 2. I don't know who you are, or 3. I no longer care for you. Of course, it's possible that the mail carrier lost it, too, and if that makes you feel better, go for that.

We almost went with this one, because I think it would be reallly funny. (that's V with Dan and Tenessa, for those of you just joining us). Maybe next year. Or when she hits puberty.

When Shaun and I first started dating I found his insistence on making stupid faces endearing. This quickly moved to annoying. He did act nice for the wedding pictures, and soon after I came to understand that he was otherwise physically unable to look like a normal human in photos.

It still infuriates my mother.

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peter.schleif said...

Sorry, Ganz. I sent you a picture of my kid. I guess I think that my kin is your friend (I almost wrote that my kin is your kin, but that would be pretty strange.).