06 September 2011

First day of kindergarten

I know it's not new. I know every mama who sends her first born to kindergarten exclaims how quickly time goes, how soon she'll be all grown up...I've said it myself repeatedly. But still, she only gets one first day of public school.  Compare her here to the first day of preschool. She's a giant! Enormous!
V chose the dress herself. When I showed it to my mom, weeks ago (after I nabbed it a thrift store bag sale), Myra shook her head in dismay and said "Kids don't wear long dresses like that anymore, Jenny. Don't make her wear that." So it was with tremendous satisfaction that I helped V button up the back of this dress this morning, at her own insistence.  She feels like a fancy princess, fashion trends be damned.
Public school is so different from Montessori, and V's got so many quirks, I can't help but worry. But she was so excited this morning, it was easy to just be excited too. I don't know if we'll ever catch up with her, but we'll have fun trying.


SkayJoh said...

I love it!


Lauri said...

Love it! I think she looks wonderful...long dress and all!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the dress....she can wear whatever she wants....she looks awesome! That is because she is awesome. Gma Kathy