29 September 2011

Mask master

Just making two masks is never enough, of course, so I made some more. Then I stuck the kids on a swingset and made them model. The designs are my own, but inspired by lots of online images of animal masks, and by Aunt Shirley's suggestions on the original post.

 Emmy the owl, above, and Emmy the crooked bird, below.
 Will the cat. With a sucker in his mouth. (Yes, the cat is inspired by Peter Criss).
 Will as a burgundy owl.
 Emmy Frankenstein:

 Emmy in action as the cat:
And Will the Triceratops. This was his favorite mask, but it is by far the least ... wearable? Correct? Right? It's just all kittywumpus, but I like it in theory, and the boy likes it in practice.

 A fox mask that I'm particularly proud of.

And the girls, finally, in a cardinal mask and a carnival mask. With suckers.

So we're set for Halloween and then some. Now how do we narrow down the choices?

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Charlotte said...

I LOVE the Frankenstein mask!