06 February 2011


My father-in-law David suggested these mini-snow drifts, atop the shed door, to me. I hadn't noticed them (she said embarrassedly). They are the mushrooms of wintertime, don't you think?

To get good outdoor shots, sometimes a photographer has to be willing to get dirty. Or wet. Or cold. Or frostbitten. At one point (for one of the pine shots in the "Trees" post) I was standing mid-thigh-deep in snow. And I was not dressed for it. See what I endure for my art? My poor Dansko boots will probably never fully recover. I had to shake the snow out of my socks afterwards, too. It was worth it for you, gentle readers. I think.

I take a lot of photos like this, trying to capture the snow of the front yard, lakeside. It doesn't really work: my photos don't capture the depth and sculptural qualities that 18" of snow has on a lot full of trees. I like the shadows here, though.
 Winter mushrooms. Thanks, Dave.

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Charlotte said...

cool! how did you did you get that vignette effect out of your camera??? I must know!!