21 February 2011

Boxful of V

I know that by making this wish, I'm ensuring widespread large-appliance failure throughout my home, but I would really like to have a big old box for V to play in. Something where we could cut out windows and a door and perhaps put in a wee table and chairs?
 Because this box is just not working out like we'd hoped.


Charlotte said...

HAHA! Was not expecting the box she was in to be that small! Cute. We had a giant box that we made into a house for the kids once years ago. Windows, doors, pointed roof....they even made curtains and hung Christmas lights on it. HOURS UPON HOURS of entertainment! Sadly, it got thrown when we moved to Denmark :(

Anonymous said...

Have you checked with appliance and or furniture stores? I understand that Warner Stellians down here is quite happy to part with boxes without the appliances in them.