05 March 2010

Travels with V

Last weekend, V and I drove to Marshall, Minnesota, for the funeral of a dear man. It was V's second funeral, but her first one was before she was two, so she doesn't remember it.
I was worried that she would be so excited to see her friends Linus and Friday that she'd just sing through the whole service, but she didn't. She hugged Tenessa and said "I'm sorry" in the sweetest possible way.

And then she demanded toys. And candy. Not necessarily in that order.
But overall, V was a fantastic traveller. We borrowed a video player for the nearly 4-hour drive, and we turned it on around the South Dakota border, but she only lasted ten minutes. "I want to talk to you instead, Mama." How can a mama resist? These last three pictures are from the McDonald's in Watertown, South Dakota. (V absolutely loves that wherever we go, there's a McDonald's. I try to explain that this means the restaurants aren't especially special, but so far she won't hear of it). She tries hard to not smile in pictures, lately, but always ends up making herself laugh.

Which is just fine by me.


Dave, Jen, Zoe, and Lily said...

We were so sorry to hear of Tenessa's loss and also sorry that this meant we missed both of you last weekend. V is looking older than the last time I saw her so I think we need to see her (and you) again soon!

Dave, Jen, Zoe, and Lily said...

And also, does that speedometer say 78???