21 March 2010


On a walk in Columbia Heights today, we stumbled across some carnage.

So very much carnage. What happened here? Did a clown get run over? Did someone have a very unhappy surprise party? Or have an urgent need to speak like a chipmunk? Or have balloon angst beyond, you know, the usual balloon angst?Who would do such a thing, and leave such a heap of evidence in broad daylight? I looked and looked, but found no answers. But it explains these survivors we saw bouncing down the street.

I hope they made it to some sort of balloon safehouse. And I hope the perpetrator gets the help they so obviously need. Before another clown gets it.


The Arffs said...


Tenessa said...

Today I was more excited than ever to read your blog. I hope your exposé results in justice for the victims.

Mink*e said...

My boys spent much of yesterday playing with one of those little $2 air pumps and a bunch of skinny balloons that flew all over the place when let go (Target cheapie toy bins, should you need some very cheap entertainment for V). The small trees out front were littered with what looked like very colorful, striped, and, ahem, somewhat over-sized prophylactics. I am terrified of what you would have made of that had your walk been in Minneapolis.